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Maciorowski, Sackmann & Ulrich, LLP is an aggressive defense firm specializing in handling the defense of Workers' Compensation claims for employers. Each of the Firm's partners have over twenty-five years experience in managing and defending workers' compensation claims and workers' compensation related issues.

Maciorowski, Sackmann & Ulrich, LLP has extensive litigation experience in the area of Workers' Compensation Arbitration as well as Review and Appeals in the Circuit Court and the Illinois Appellate Court.

Maciorowski, Sackmann & Ulrich, LLP practices before the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission at each site throughout Illinois. The firm exclusively handles defense on behalf of the employers; they take no claims on behalf of injured employees.

Maciorowski, Sackmann & Ulrich, LLP strives to provide outstanding service which includes recognizing other liabilities that can develop from the workplace injury.

Tier 1
                                                                                                      Workers’ Compensation
                                                                                                     Awards or recognitions are not a
                                                                                                requirement to practice law in Illinois.